CODAGE in the English press

CODAGE and Marie Claire US

CODAGE and Marie Claire US

Marie Claire US, August 2012

Beauty passport

Melody McCloskey

McCloskey, the brainchild behind San Fransisco-based StymeSeat (an online beauty services booking site) turns to the digital world for workouts, too, by streaming Tracy Anderson’s video on her iPad.

CODAGE Nuit Nutritive Cream regenerating & detoxifying $118 “I bought this collagenboosting night cream in Paris after my go-to moisturizer spilled in my suitcase. It’s so good that I want to swim in it”

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CODAGE and JolieMag


Jolie person, June 2012

Co-founder of French skincare brand CODAGE

Tell us about your background.

Amandine and I are very close as brother and sister. We were born in the south of France and we grew up in Cannes. We both studies International Business and started professional lives within the health and beauty sectors. In 2006 we founded a consulting company in the US, helping international cosmetics brands to develop their activity between there and France. With our experience in the industry we decided to create our own brand of skincare, CODAGE. Our second entrepreneurial adventure together but this time the one of our lives!

What made you and amandine create CODAGE?

The idea of CODAGE appeared to both Amandine and I as the obvious thing to do. After working for many brand of cosmetics and with the top cosmetic labs, CODAGE emerged to us as the only brand that could really be in complete coherence with our values. Giving customers maximum efficiency, customized products, dedicated service and most of all respect for nature and what it has best to offer us. In a nut-shell CODAGE is a brand strongly characterized by it essence of a rich French know-how, but it located midway between the traditional French pharmacy and all the modernity of advanced research in active cosmetics.

Tell us about the range.

CODAGE believes in an effective yet simple 4-step skincare routine to offer a universal cleanser that removes makeup and all impurities. Then we suggest using topical nutrition for your skin with serum highly concentrated with active ingredients to nourish your skin from the outside. We offer a customized solution in the form of My CODAGE, a made-to-order serum strictly for you after a diagnostic online at, or a choice from our top 6 most effective formulas or you can treat our skin to a special edition serum that we release each season specific to what skin needs in certain weather conditions. We then suggest you to protect your skin using our day and night cream formulations and finally we offer a range of dietary supplements to help nourish you from within.

What CODAGE products are your daily essentials?

Of course, we became totally addicted to our customized serums, and cannot spend a day without them. However, we are completely crazy about CODAGE Nuit, CODAGE’s night cream. In fact, it took us almost 2 year to develop this product as it’s between very hard to stabilize the formula as it’s highly concentrated with moisturizing, anti-aging, regenerating properties, plus it smells great!

What is your best beauty tip?

Treat you skin with a great care, and always cleanse, treat and nourish you skin at night before go to bed so you wake up looking refreshed!

And advice for getting started in the beauty business?

Think twice about it! it’s a very though industry, and it  takes a lot of time, year in fact to develop products. You would need to be really passionate about it and a real believer that you products will be the best for your customers. So you need to a great dedication and solid connection with the scientific world in order to com up with great product formulas. for instance, it took us almost 4 year to come up with our customization protocol and t start selling our first product. But it was worth it!

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CODAGE and Gala Croisette

CODAGE and Gala Croisette

Gala Croisette, May 2012

Made for the madness. The Croisette stress is never a problem for the cannois creators of the Codage brand. To make your skin red-carpet ready, head for Shop 17 (17 Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes) and snap up one of the 250 “l’Essentiel du Festivalier” gift packs (day cream, night cream and serum).

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CODAGE and You

YOU, April 2012

Beauty Box

Your couture complexion kit

What most of us wouldn’t give for made-to-measure skincare. Miraculously, French brand CODAGE has created an online beauty concept that diagnoses your skin’s specific needs, then delivers custom-made serums, moisturisers, supplements and cleansers straight to your door. You can select from the formulas suggested to suit your skin and budget. Genius.

Full kit from £ 150 based on your bespoke box,

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CODAGE and BWconfidential

CODAGE est dans BW

BW, October/November/Decembrer 2011

Up and coming brand: Codage

headquarter: paris, france

Lauch date: 2010

Price €30 - €200

Brother and sister Julien and Amandine Azencott aimed to replicate the concept of hand-mixed products found in the first pharmacies with their skincare brand Codage. “We wanted to offer a specific solution for each different skincare type” explains Julien Azencott. The brand offers supplements and topical products, and in each topical product the customer can choose the active ingredients depending on his or her skincare type and needs.

Why it’s interesting: Codage products are divided into two categories: nutri-In (supplements) and nutria-out (concentrated serums). All topical products have a limited shelf life due to their doses of active ingredients that can be as high as 70 %. The supplements come in “daily packs” containing the number of tablets to be taken everyday. Consumers can get their “prescription” by going to the brand website, where a diagnostic tool asks a battery of questions on their skin needs.

Strategy and upcoming plans: “we want to be a digital brand as we feel that our tailor-made offer is well adapted to internet, but we also want a bricks-and-mortar presence”, Azencott explains. Codage is currently sold via its website and in OC Concept stores in New York, St Tropez and Courchevel in France. The brand aims to develop in spas, beauty salons, cosmetic surgery and dermatologists ’offices. In October, Codage will launch a line called essentials, which will include around six products and four supplements, and will also begin a private-label business.

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