We believe that beauty is a personal journey towards health and well being,

And it begins with properly nourishing your skin.

To us, the skin mirrors one’s lifestyle and the varying stages of one’s existence.


We celebrate the uniqueness of each and all.

We formulate our serums according to individual needs.

And this goes beyond flesh, moments and lives.

With each formula reflecting this singularity.


We are heirs to the French pharmacy tradition

Harking back to the days of the apothecaries

When bespoke was simply common sense.

We listen.

And understanding is of the essence.


We play it straight.

The quest for efficiency in each of our active ingredients is sincere and on going.

What goes into our products is for all to see,

We aim for simplicity and involvement. 

We decrypt, you act.


We are French creators.

Aesthetics inspire the sensuality of our textures and the refinement of our preparations.

We cultivate efficiency with style.


Each beauty is unique.

Each deserves its own formula, its solution, its codage.



Singular formulas for beauty