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Corrects localized pigmentation disorders for an even and radiant tone.

Melanin is synthesised by melanocytes and subsequently stored in and transported by melanosomes, protecting the DNA in skin cells against the harmful effects of UV rays. With age, brown spots appear in areas that have been overexposed to the sun. In fact, in young, healthy skin, cells containing melanin are continually replaced by new ones without melanin, every 28 days. However, ageing upsets this cycle, resulting in an accumulation of melanin, which is responsible for pigmentation and thus for the appearance of dark spots.

Two actions can be taken to lighten these spots: either direct, by reducing the synthesis and transport of melanin to reduce the size and pigmentation of the spots; or preventative, by activating cellular regeneration and repair.

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Actives properties :


[Tc b]

Origins : 

Extract of Pancratium maritimum, a plant known as sea daffodil, which grows in the sand on the beaches of the Mediterranean coast and is known for its resistance to drought and sea spray.

Origins :

Extract of blue micro-algae, Phormidium persicinum, recognised as one of the oldest life-forms on earth.

Efficiency :

  • Up to -63% surface area of brown spots after 42 days.

  • Up to +61.5% lightening of brown spots after 84 days.

  • Up to -53% difference between pigmentation of surrounding skin and brown spots.



Efficiency :

  • Up to -42% uneven facial pigmentation (+homogenous).

  • Up to -11% inconsistently intense facial pigmentation (+radiance).

  • Up to +7.5% homogeneous skin texture.

CODAGE product contening the Anti-Spots Element :

   Anti-spots and lightener


Anti-spots & Lightener