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[Ru a] +[Ru b]+[Ru c]

Reduces micro-contractions of facial muscles to instantly smooth expression lines and prevent first signs of aging.


Our faces allow us to express our emotions every day, particularly through involuntary micro-contractions of the facial muscles. Young skin is sufficiently supple to immediately firm up again, leaving no trace of our expressions on our faces. However, with age, skin loses its elasticity and it isn’t long before the first small wrinkles appear (starting at the age of 25-30 years). These fine lines eventually turn into expression lines, and then deep wrinkles, as a result of the repeated movements of our faces over time. As a result, it is essential to start preventing and fighting the appearance of these first small wrinkles as early as possible (starting at the age of 25 years), even if they aren’t visible yet, to limit their development over the years.

More specifically, to reduce and prevent the appearance of small wrinkles and expression lines, on the one hand it’s important to limit involuntary micro-contractions of the facial muscles as much as possible. On the other, the skin’s building blocks must be protected and their synthesis stimulated to maintain skin density and elasticity as long as possible.


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Actives properties :


[Ru a]

[Ru b]

[Ru c]

Origins : 

Biomimetic tripeptide of a molecule contained in viper venom that prevents muscular contraction.

Origins :

Extract of scentless chamomile, Matricaria maritima, a plant with antioxidant, hydrating and myorelaxant properties.

Origins :

Neuropeptide derived from a peptide naturally found in the body that acts like a comforting messenger, reducing the perception of unpleasant sensations.

Efficiency :

In vitro:

  • -36% contractions after 1 minute.
  • -82% contractions after 2 hours.
  • -67% contractions after 2 days.

In vivo:

  • -52% average wrinkle size.
  • -20% fine lines for 73% of test subjects.
  • +21% smoothing effect for 80% of test subjects.

Efficiency :

  • +100% muscular relaxation after 24 hours.
  • +20% collagen and +21% GAG after UV exposure.
  • +29% anti-free radicals effect.

Efficiency :

In vitro:

  • Complete blocking of muscular contractions after 2 hours.
  • +63% pro-endorphin synthesis.

CODAGE products contening the Anti-Fine-Lines Element :

CODAGE jour Energizing and Antioxidante day cream
Codage nuit Regenerating and detoxifing night cream
Serum n°3 Radiance et Energy
Serum n°5 Anti-wrinkles
SÉRUM N°6  Anti-Age Suprême
Energy & Anti-aging
Anti-aging Supreme


Energizing & Antioxidante


Regenerante & Detoxifying


Radiance & Energy




Anti-Aging Supreme


Energy & Anti-aging


Anti-aging Supreme


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