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Stimulates the synthesis of skin’s components to reinforce its elasticity and thus reduce the size and depth of wrinkles.

With age, the cellular metabolism slows down. Cells gradually lose their capacity to renew the key building blocks that preserve the skin’s mechanical and structural integrity. This upsets the balance between the synthesis and deterioration of these building blocks, which include collagen and elastin. With the passage of the years, the rate of their deterioration increases, and the skin’s structure creases and is unable to return to its normal state. This is how fine lines turn into wrinkles, growing deeper and lastingly marking the skin. To fight wrinkles, both collagen and elastin synthesis needs to be stepped up, and the mechanisms capable of protecting and reactivating these processes must be maintained. In this way, both the cutaneous structure is reinforced and the skin’s firmness and elasticity improved. Result: more supple skin with fewer wrinkles – for many years to come.

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Actives properties :





Origins : 

Derived from a tripeptide naturally found in collagen and laminins (laminins enable keratinocytes to adhere to the basal membrane).

Origins :

Obtained from Sinorhizobium meliloti, a bacterium that naturally synthesises glycokines® when it forms a symbiotic relationship with plants.

Origins :

Extract of brown algae, Laminaria digitata, also known as kombu in Japan. This type of algae is particularly rich in polysaccharides and is known for its remineralising and restorative properties.

Efficiency :

  • +12% lifting effect. 
  • -21% wrinkle volume.
  • -15% wrinkle depth.

Efficiency :

  • -46% wrinkles after 1 month and
  • -53,4% after 2 months.
  • +28% lifting effect.
  • +58% stronger skin.
  • +27% surface hydration and +20% hydration.

Efficiency :

  • Up to -15% wrinkle depth.
  • -29% roughness.


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