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[Rga] + [Rgb]

??Prevents and corrects the appearance of redness and other unsightly varicosities.


Redness and other unsightly varicosities can begin to appear in men and women after the age of 30 years. Frequently present on the nose and cheeks, these visible varicosities range in colour from red to purple and primarily affect populations of northern European extraction with white skin.

Generally hereditary, these unsightly red patches appear on the skin’s surface as a result of dilated capillaries, excessive blood storage in neighbouring tissues, or poor circulation. Environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, sun, wind, certain foods, alcohol, poor hydration, an unhealthy lifestyle and stress can increase their number and prominence. To diminish redness, the extracellular matrix, microcirculation and capillary integrity should all be treated.

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Actives properties :


[Rg a]

[Rg b]

Origins :

Extract of green micro-algae, Chlorella vulgaris, known to strengthen the body’s natural defences.

Origins :

Synergetic alloy of red algae, Asparagopsis armata, and brown algae, Ascophyllum nodosum.


Efficiency :

  • -15% varicosities after 28 days.
  • -25% varicosities after 84 days.

Efficiency :

  • -67% excessive increase in microcirculation during a preventive application.
  • -74% excessive increase in microcirculation during a post-stress application.

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