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Increases skin's natural protection against pollutants by preventing their adhesion and by facilitating their elimination.

The skin is exposed to air pollutants in the environment every day – particularly exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke, but also naturally occurring free radicals. Every person’s skin is unique and more or less sensitive to pollutants. However, just because some people’s skin is more capable of absorbing them doesn’t make them any less dangerous for their skin. As a result, skin that isn’t protected against pollutants quickly grows weaker: it dries out, the hydrolipid film on its surface is impaired, and it becomes irritated and more sensitive. The skin is destabilised, and the metabolism of its cells also slows down. Lacking energy, the skin loses its radiance and becomes more vulnerable to ageing.

To counter the damaging effects of pollution, it is necessary both to eliminate pollutants on the skin’s surface and prevent new ones from attaching to it. Furthermore, the skin’s antioxidant mechanisms must be supported to protect it against the effects of free radicals and to strengthen the structure of the cutaneous barrier.

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Actives properties :


[Po a]

[Po b]

Origins :

Peptide extracted from the seeds of Moringa oleifera, a tree native to northern India and more commonly known as “the tree of life” in Ayurvedic medicine, since all its parts possess extraordinary pharmacological and nourishing properties and it has long been used to purify water.

Origins :

Extract of walnuts from Grenoble, particularly rich in phytic acid, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins thanks to being nourished with glacier water at the foot of the Alps. 

 Efficiency :

  • Protects optimally against stress caused by cigarette smoke.
  • Increases cellular vitality even when exposed to heavy metal pollution:
    • 3x more active in the presence of cadmium
    • 6x in the presence of mercury
  • +62% cleansing of skin impurities.

Efficiency :

In vitro :

  • +95% maintenance of the antioxidant pool.
  • +54% protection against cellular apoptosis.
  • +125% protein synthesis of fibroblasts.

CODAGE products contening the Anti-pollution Element :

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