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Balances sebum production and reduces the size of pores for an immediate and long-lasting mattifying effect.

Sebum is an oily substance secreted by special glands: the sebaceous glands. Sebum is essential for the skin, helping it to avoid drying out, remain impermeable and fend off infections. Yet sebum production can be up to twice as high in some people compared to others, or from one season to another. In the case of combination and oily skin, normal functioning of the sebaceous glands becomes disturbed, making them hyperactive and causing excessive sebum production and dilated pores. 

To lastingly balance combination and oily skin, sebum production must be regulated. This means not only reducing the activity of 5-reductase (an enzyme involved in sebum production), but also the number of sebaceous glands and the size of pores. For an immediate mattifying effect, however, the skin surface needs to be treated by applying components capable of absorbing the excess sebum.

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Actives properties :


[Ma a]

[Ma b]


Origins : 

An alloy of oleic acid and an extract of Enantia chlorantha, an African tree with known medicinal properties, used particularly for the treatment of malaria.

Origins :

100% natural biosurfactant from the family of glycolipids obtained by fermenting wheat and rapeseed.

Origins :

Extract of “tabashir”, a substance found in the joints of female bamboo plants and used in traditional Eastern medicine.

Efficiency :

  • -55% shiny skin.

  • -36% sebum.

  • -49% variation in sebum production.

  • -52% active glands responsible for sebum production.


Efficiency :

  • -12% sebum production after 28 days.

  • -20% rate of sebum production after 28 days.

  • -59% papules after 28 days.

  • -49% pustules after 28 days.

Efficiency :

  • High oil-absorbing capacity: >250%

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