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Tanning is skin’s natural defence mechanism against ultraviolet (UV), resulting in a general or partial darkening of the exposed zones (partial via freckles). Under the combined action of UV, cells of the superficial layer of skin (keratinocytes) multiply to make it thicker and less permeable to radiation. Specifically, upon contact with UVB, melanocytes produce a pigment, the melanin, which upon contact with UVA, darkens while oxidising and provides skin with a tanned look.This production of melanin also regulates photo-protection. Obviously, the distribution of melanin differs depending on skin type and ethnicity. In addition to its aesthetic character, a neat and uniform tan is very important. It allows for the maintenance of healthy, well-protected skin and aids the fixation of vitamins and the consolidation of bone mass. The treatment’s objective in the preparation for tanning (before and after exposure) is to achieve optimal production of melanin, which is acquired through a diet rich in Vitamin A.


The experts at CODAGE have developed the NUTRI-IN™ Tanning to optimise the natural defences of skin, eyes and face to UV rays. It also aids in the acquisition of a faster, brighter, more uniform and long-lasting tan, even after exposure to the sun. The NUTRI-IN™ Tanning gel capsules are made of oily macerate carrot root. Indeed, carrot is one of the richest vegetables in carrotenoids, and the oily macerate that provides a powerful concentrate of its active ingredients. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene (provitamin A), which is converted naturally by the body into vitamin A without presenting any risk of hypervitaminosis. This vitamin, stimulating the secretion of melanin, provides effective protection for the epidermis against sun’s irritants and accelerates the tanning process. Vitamin A also plays an essential role in vision and the hydration of the conjunctiva of the eye.The oily macerate carrot also provides a large amount of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which preserve the tone and elasticity of skin and contribute to its regeneration. Your tan will thus be denser, brighter and longer lasting. You are advised to begin taking Nutri-In™  Tanning at least one month before exposure to the sun and for at least 15 days after exposure in order to prolong the tanned effect on your skin.

Composition for one gel capsule:

  • Carrot Root Oily Macerate (Daucus Carota): 280 mg 
  • Coating agent : gelatin 
  • Humectant : Glycerine 
  • Water 
  • Emulsifier : soya lecithin


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