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The antioxidants found in our alimentation are micronutrients that help block attacks by free radicals. The latter are particularly unstable molecules that degrade the components of our cells (proteins, lipids, DNA) and accelerate the aging process. This process called peroxidation is self-sustaining and it takes the intervention of protective substances called «free radical scavengers» to stop it.A balanced diet is supposed to provide these substances. However, intakes of antioxidants from food are insufficient compared to our needs. This deficit has several causes: namely agriculture, and more specifically, reduced bioavailability - situations where the need for antioxidants evolved in response to increased oxidative stress (age, smoking, unhealthy food, pollution, etc.).The experts at CODAGE therefore believe that supplementation of antioxidants is no longer a luxury but a true necessity from an early age, in order to prevent premature aging, fight many diseases and in order to stay young longer.


The NUTRI-IN™Antioxidant is the best preventive weapon against skin aging and, by extension, the aging of the entire body. With the Nutri-In™Antioxidant, CODAGE offers one of the most complete complexes that integrates the best antioxidants of dietary origin, all recognised for their efficiency.This complex is composed of carotenoids (beta-carotene), tocopherols (vitamin E), ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and polyphenols carefully selected for a synergistic action with flavonoids (Pine Bark OPC), anthocyanins (blackcurrant leaves and grape marc) and tannins (green tea leaves). The NUTRI-IN™Antioxidant also includes key nutrients such as zinc and selenium, which are involved in the synthesis of natural antioxidant enzymes and royal jelly to strengthen the natural defences of the cells. This is a selection of essential nutrients for humans and may help prevent and even help treat diseases related to oxidative stress and thus aid in slowing the entire process of aging.

Composition for one gel capsule:

  • Coating Agent: Gelatin 
  • Propolis PPM18: 30 mg 
  • Black Currant Leaves Powder (Ribes Nigrum): 30 mg 
  • Green Tea Extracts (Thea Sinensis): 30 mg 
  • Vitamin C 
  • Grape Pomace Powder (Vitis Vinifera) 25 mg 
  • Lyophilized Royal Jelly: 24.8 mg 
  • Zinc Gluconate 
  • Beta-carotene 10% 
  • OPC Pine Bark Powder (Pinus Maritimus) : 12 mg 
  • Selenium Yeast 
  • Vitamin E 50%.






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