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Intense hydration of the top layer of the skin, providing immediate, long-lasting comfort for dry skin.


In addition to deep hydration, dry skin needs immediate comfort and targeted treatment of the surface stratum corneum. In fact, dry skin is characterised by a lipid deficiency that depletes the intercellular cement, making the skin membrane more permeable. This delipidation weakens the skin and makes it more sensitive to external aggressions, changes in temperature and wind. 

To provide immediate comfort and hydration, three naturally occurring mechanisms in the skin must be strengthened. First, the number of so-called hygroscopic – that is, moisture-attracting and -retaining – molecules must be increased in the epidermis. Second, moisture-loss must be curbed by increasing lipid synthesis, thereby strengthening the skin’s resistance. Finally, the skin must be supported in the proper formation of a hydrolipid film.

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Actives properties:




Origins :

Extract of sunflower oil, a so-called “dry” oil that quickly penetrates the skin and is known for its nourishing, softening and moisturising properties.

Origins :

High molecular weight polysaccharides extracted from the seeds of the Indian Cassia Angustifolia plant, whose molecular structure is similar to that of hyaluronic acid.

Origins :

Pure high molecular weight hyaluronic acid obtained from the fermentation of renewable vegetable extracts (wheat and beetroot).

Efficiency :

  • +60% hydration after just 3 hours.

  • +300% ceramides.

  • -60% flaking (loss of the superficial layers of the skin in the form of dead skin cells).

  • -56% roughness.

Efficiency :

  • In-vivo tests on 15 women volunteers compared to a placebo:

    • After 3 minutes, visible improvement of skin texture, radiance and tone.

    • +21% softer feeling skin.

    • +26.5% suppler feeling skin.

    • +24% more moisturised feeling skin.

Efficiency :

  • Hyaluronic acid’s structure enables it to retain up to 1000 times its own weight in water.

  • The protective film shields the skin against external aggressions, making it feel instantly softer and more supple.

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