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Preserves the skin’s ability to stay hydrated and regenerate when exposed to cold.


When it’s cold out, the body tries to minimise heat loss to maintain its normal temperature of 37°. To do so it causes vasoconstriction (contraction of the blood vessels) in the skin to increase its internal heat. Vasoconstriction slows the blood flow, reducing supplies to the cells and endangering their survival. Furthermore, the activity of the sebaceous glands, responsible for renewing the hydrolipid film, is also slowed down. Yet this film is an essential layer of protection for our skin. As a result, in winter, without this film, the skin grows weaker and more sensitive. It becomes rough, dries out and peels.

Consequently, when winter and cold weather are on their way, particular care should be taken to use skincare products specially formulated to protect the skin’s essential functions. More specifically, first and foremost, the skin’s hydration and integrity must be maintained against the cold. Next, its regenerative capacity and repair mechanisms need to be boosted. Thus protected, skin is ready to face the cold without fear.

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Actives properties:



Origins : 

Extract of Pseudoalteromonas Antarctica NF3, a bacterium that develops on glaciers in Antarctica. During growth, it synthesises a cryoprotective glycoprotein that defends it against frost in extremely cold conditions.

Effiency :

Proven in-vitro efficacy in very cold conditions:

  • +125% fibroblast adhesion.
  • +36% keratinocyte growth.
  • +125% collagen I, +81% collagen IV and +31% elastin.

In vivo:

  • -44% wrinkle depth.

CODAGE product contening the Cold Protection Element :

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