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[Ec a]+[Ec b]+[Ec c]



Boosts cellular energy and enhances skin clarity for an unsurpassed radiance.

The skin’s radiance is the result of a simple but often ignored phenomenon. In fact, light spreads through the skin’s various layers, penetrating from the outside to the deepest layer. In the process, it is reflected by the various components of the extracellular matrix. The skin’s radiance thus depends directly on proper skin regeneration, particularly of its building blocks. Dependant on the energy level of the body and its cells, the skin’s radiance is sensitive to the slightest change in lifestyle or skin care routine. To sustain and restore the skin’s original radiance, the first priority is to increase the skin cells’ energy level to improve their metabolism and stimulate synthesis of the main building blocks of its membrane. Next, it is essential to improve the skin’s overall protective capacity by increasing its level of hydration and antioxidant capacity. This will ensure preservation of the skin’s transparency and a radiant complexion.

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Actives properties :





Origins : 

Extract of Dunaliella salina, a micro-algae considered a stress manager for its ability to resist dehydration and heat, and to develop in extremely salty lakes, a particularly hostile environment for most living organisms.

Origins :

[Ecb] is obtained by fermenting micro-algae extracted from Hawaii’s freshwater lakes using a bacterium, Rhizobium melitoti, which develops on the roots of leguminous plants. [Ecb] contains polyglucuronate, which has a structure similar to hyaluronic acid and is particularly rich in vitamins B1, B2, B12 and niacin.

Origins :

An energising synergy of vitamins E, C and A.


Efficiency :

In vitro:

  • +300% cellular proliferation in the keratinocytes.
  • +160% protection of mitochondria.
  • +140% ATP produced in the keratinocytes.

In vivo:

  • +80% clarity and transparency.
  • +87% brightness.


Efficiency :

  • >15% hydrating effect after 7 hours.
  • +60% intercellular ATP.

Efficiency :

  • Vitamins A, C and E are known as very powerful antioxidants. Combining them creates a synergistic action that gives the body a more effective defence system to fight the ageing effects of free radicals on the skin.


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