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[Dx a] + [Dx b

Stimulates the natural mechanisms of detoxification for a healthy and purified skin.


Detoxification consists of eliminating harmful elements from the body. These toxic elements include denatured proteins, which are no longer functional, and toxins naturally produced by the body. At the same time, the skin is also exposed to toxic environmental elements such as pollution, cigarette smoke and certain foods and drinks that we consume every day. Our cells have effective repair and removal systems to fight against the effects of these harmful elements. Yet, when these systems are overloaded, toxic elements end up being stored in the cells, weakening our immune system. 

The body – and the skin’s metabolism along with it – experiences a ‘power shortage’, becoming more vulnerable to aggressions and ageing. Two approaches allow us to purify our skin and eliminate toxins: on the one hand, protecting and strengthening the cellular systems involved in our detoxification mechanisms; and, on the other, increasing the cells’ level of energy to improve their effectiveness.

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Actives properties :




[Dx b]

Origins : 

Extract of plankton, Scenedesmus, a single-celled green freshwater micro-algae, which survives particularly extreme environments in a dormant state.

Origins :

Extract of Albizia julibrissin or Persian silk tree, native to Persia. This plant has long been used to treat anxiety and stress, and is known for its sedative properties.


Efficiency :

  • In-vivo test on 20 women volunteers over 56 days:

    • -15% rough feeling skin.

    • +35% fresh feeling skin.

    • +25% rejuvenated feeling skin.

    • +60% moisturised feeling skin.

    • +35% firmer feeling skin.

    • +35% softer feeling skin.

Efficiency :

  • In vitro:

    • Maintenance of the glyoxalase system +41%.

    • Maintenance of proteasomes +16%.

  • In vivo test on 24 women volunteers over 2 months:

    • Up to -33% AGEs.

  • In vivo test on 20 women volunteers over 2 months: 

    • Up to -69% tired skin.

    • Up to +81% firmness.

CODAGE products contening the Detoxifier Element :

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Detoxifying & Moisturising


Regenerating & Detoxifying


Mattifying & Skin Repair


Radiance & Energie

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