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 Stem cells

Ultimate cosmetic innovation: a pure extract of plant stem cells to fight all signs of skin aging and fatigue.


All of our body’s cells come from other cells via a process of division and differentiation. The term ‘stem cells’ refers to the original embryonic cells at the root of the entire chain of differentiation. That’s why they are referred to as undifferentiated, unspecialised cells, capable of producing identical copies of themselves or of transforming into one or several kinds of specialised cells and giving rise to various organs and tissues. Adult stem cells are found in the brain, liver and skin. 

. After many years of research and development, botanical researchers have recently succeeded in isolating and growing in the laboratory plant stem cells which, applied to the skin, allow all the beneficial effects of the plant to act tenfold on the skin’s metabolism. Premium active ingredients, plant stem cells offer a tremendously effective all-around anti-ageing action.

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Actives properties :


Origins :

Plant stem cells extracted from Crithmum maritimum, also known as rock samphire, recognised for its adaptive capacities and resistance to hostile environment.


Efficiency :

  • -31% pigmentation of dark spots after 28 days.

  • +134% hydration.

  • -15% inflammation.

  • 2x faster skin repair.

CODAGE product contening the Stem Cells Element :

  SÉRUM N°6  Anti-Age Suprême


Anti-Aging Supreme

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