A true sur-mesure

A true sur-mesure CODAGE

Products, made-to-order

Codage is a revolution in Beauty because it offers the individual unique care, made-to-order, and customised to his or her specific needs. With myDiagnosis, Codage provides a complete analysis of your skin and formulates a particular code for customised care. 

Customized excellence

The active agents are mixed at the last moment to guarantee freshness and efficacy. Codage doesn't offer one solution. Instead, it offers solutions tailored to meet your lifestyle needs (through seasons, travels, stressful times) and to respond to your particular desires.


Fresh & Natural active agents 

Natural Active Agents CODAGE

Plant, marine and mineral extracts

Our Nutri-elements are natural, made up of plant, marine and mineral extracts.

Codage care products are paraben-free and made without phtalates or petrochemicals. Our solutions are also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, respecting the needs of even the most sensitive skin. 

Guaranteed freshness for maximum effect

At Codage, we don't store ready-made stock because each solution is a unique creation, made on command. Our natural raw materials are preserved in small quantities in our laboratories little time after they have been extracted from their natural environment.
We guarantee the integrity of our products for up to one year.



A French savoir-faire

CODAGE French savoir-faire

A rigorous selection process

Our active agents are extremely performant. Our natural raw materials meet the strictest safety specifications and are selected from different regions across the globe to ensure that we use the most effective active ingredients available. We publish the results of our clinical trials, and the proven efficacy of our products, with complete transparency

Our Commitment

CODAGE Commitment

French savoir-faire 

Our products are made and packaged in a laboratory in the South of France / French Riviera, where our laboratory assistants are qualified to take your order and prepare your care on command. Your personalized solution is delivered ready-to-use to your door within 10 days.

Inspired innovation

At Codage, we are constantly on the look out for the most effective active agents possible. Our experts travel the globe to draw inspiration from various civilizations, discover a deeper knowledge of botany and contribute their experiences on to our Research & Development. Our research incorporates traditional remedies with the latest advances in stem-cell research, encapsulation technology, nanotechnology and neuro-technology.

Respect for Nature and full transparence

Our immense respect for nature means that all our ingredients are the products of Fair Trade commerce. We do not use animal-tested products nor test our products on animals, and we are committed to both sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. In the interest of complete transparency, we publish the origins, properties, and clinical results of all our raw materials.