Spring is a turning period, an ideal transition of regeneration for the skin at the end of winter and in anticipation of the arrival of summer, the sun and its heat peaks. This is then the key moment to repair the skin from damages caused by the cold, to purify it from all the accumulated toxins and to strengthen its cellular defenses and make it more resistant to upcoming attacks.

Spring is the season to revive your skin!

1 - Re-activate your skin after winter


Skin damages caused by the winter cold can be numerous. Indeed, the hydrolipidic film that protects the top layer of the skin has been altered by the slowdown of the sebaceous glands activity. Vasoconstriction induced by the cold has also reduced the natural supply of cells with essential nutrients that make it work properly. At the end of winter, the skin hydration is generally not optimal, its sensitivity to daily aggressions is increased and the global energetic slowdown of skin cells allowed many toxins to accumulate.


Spring is therefore the perfect time to rejuvenate skin and re-activate its energetic metabolism → to repair + to hydrate + to detoxify + to energize the skin to make it radiant!




Your skin, in a few months, will be subject to summer temperatures and UV rays (ultraviolet). By penetrating the skin, UV will release a large amount of free radicals that lead to the acceleration of skin aging (wrinkles, dark spots or dermatosis in extreme cases).  Free radicals have very harmful effects on the skin because they disrupt the synthesis of key proteins, spoil the collagen fibers and deconstruct the elastin. The body naturally produces antioxidants supposed to neutralize these free radicals. But facing extreme summer conditions, skin cells will need to fully optimize their natural defenses.

This is then the time for pro-active action on your skin: prepare it to summer aggression by stimulating its skin defenses and by increasing its level of antioxidants!


CODAGE recommends that you include within your beauty routine this season its spring solution:
"SPRING BREAK" - Face Serum ‘Skin Repair & Reactivation’

Hy2 Increases the power of skin’s water retention for a deep and even hydration of the different epidermis layers.

Ec3 Boosts cellular energy and enhances skin clarity for an unsurpassed radiance.

Ao2 Enhances natural skin defenses and minimizes damages caused by free radicals.

Re3 Boosts cell renewal and collagen synthesis to rebuild the epidermal matrix and accelerate skin healing.

Dx3 Stimulates the natural mechanisms of detoxification for a healthy and purified skin.