Discover the opening hours changes, our treatment menu modifications, our health measures and our new services!


We are happy to welcome you again in our shop Maison CODAGE starting on Friday, May 22, 2020.

From this date it will be open Wednesday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm, and Sunday from 11am to 7pm.

Our services of consultation and skin diagnosis, creation of made-to-measure products, and some of our professional treatments are maintained.


In order to limit physical contact, order and pay over the phone (+33 (0)1 40 27 80 09) then collect your purchase in front of the shop without contact.


For any Call & Collect order of 100€ or more, courier delivery is free in Paris intra-muros (From Wednesday to Friday).

the health measures

Your protection and your safety, as well as those of our employees, are our first concerns. Therefore new sanitary measures have been implemented for our flagship reopening.
In case of non-respect of these measures by a customer, he will be asked to leave the shop.
We count on our community honnesty and therefore we ask anyone showing symptoms or who has been in contact with infected people to not take an appointment for a treatment and to not come in the shop.


● Cleaning and disinfecting (after each visit and at least once every 2 hours) of the contact area: door handles, switches, WC, cash register, counter, screens, keyboards...
● Our experts will constantly wear a visor. For facial treatments on barber chair and the consultations they will wear a visor and a mask.
● Our experts will wash their hands regularly, especially before and after each visit of a client.
● The number of people in the shop is limited to 1 client plus an expert at the same time. If this number is reached, please wait outside the shop.
● The main door will regularly be left open in order to renew the air.

the purchasing process

● Each client will be asked to wash its hands as soon as he/she arrives with hydro-alcoholic solution or with CODAGE cleansing products, both available in the shop.
● « Self-service » will be forbidden: as soon as a client enter the shop, our experts will take care of him/her and lead him/her through the shop according to its needs. Our clients will not be allowed to freely walk around or to touch product by themselves.
● Testing products will be kept appart by the satff and will be brought in on client's demand. For product testing: product without a dispenser will be taken with a single-use spatula. After each use the testing product's container will be disinfected.
● Payments by card will be favored, the POS will be disinfected after each use. In case of payment by check the customer will use its own pen.

complementary measures
for the treatment area

● The treatment area will be entirely cleaned and disinfected in the morning and after each appointment.
● The expert will clean its hands before and after the treatment and can wear gloves on the client's demand.
● Only the products used during the treatment will be found in the treatment area and their containers will be disinfected at the end of the treatment. Products without a dispenser will be taken with a single-use spatula.
● All clothes will be placed in a closed box after their use. Every wastes (single-use tools, masks, gloves) will be placed in a closed bin emptied out every day.
● All the material needed for treatment (clothes, tools, products) is accessible only for the expert in a closed area.


● When making an appointment, questions relating to the client's health will be asked. In case of symptoms or contact with a contaminated person, the appointment will be declined.
● The expert may refuse to provide treatment to a person with apparent symptoms of Covid-19 (cough, sneezing, runny nose).
● At the client's request, he/she can be informed by SMS when the treatment space is ready to host him/her, so that he/she can wait outside and thus limit his interactions with other clients in the store.