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Reduces the volume of under-eye pouches by relieving congestion and restoring elasticity to skin tissue to smooth the skin around the eyes.


The appearance of pouches under the eyes is one of the first signs of ageing. It happens as a result of two phenomena. The first is a change in capillary integrity: the capillary walls become more permeable, resulting in water leakage. The second is reduced effectiveness of the lymphatic system, which eliminates toxins: the lymphatic system becomes less capable of draining skin tissue, resulting in swelling (oedema). 

To reduce the volume of under-eye pouches, water leakage must be eliminated and its reabsorption increased. To do this, the permeability of the capillaries must be reduced, followed by a decongesting and draining action. Finally, a biostimulating action to restore elasticity to the skin around the eyes smoothes and firms the skin, thereby reducing the volume of under-eye pouches.

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Actives properties :


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Origins : 

Combination of three active molecules that reinforce capillary resistance.

Origins :

Tetrapeptide with anti-edemic properties to prevent tissue swelling.

Efficiency :

  • Proven improvement in appearance of under-eye pouches for 70% of volunteers

  • Smoothing of skin around the eyes: +62%

  • Reduction in the size of under-eye pouches: - 52%

  • Decongesting effect: +52%

Efficiency :

  • Visibly reduces under-eye pouches in just 14 days.

  • +30% skin elasticity in 30 days.

  • -2.7% volume of under-eye pouches after 28 days for 78% of volunteers.

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