CODAGE creators





Codage. Not your typical, big and impersonal cosmetic company; Codage is the creation of a brother and a sister. Inspired by health and beauty since their youth, these two siblings rallied the best researchers, nutritionists, doctors and pharmacists around Codage.  Amandine and Julien grew up admiring a family of medical professionals: doctors for parents, an aunt with a dermatology profession, one acupuncturist uncle and the other a pharmacist.  At an age when most kids were playing doctor, they quite literally were with a pharmacy as their playground.



This is however not the path they chose later, preferring to small neighbourhood pharmacies large companies whose products they developed. Yet when they thought they had found the Holy Grail that would reveal the secret of their eternal youth, they discovered an industry where tried and true scientific formulas had been replaces by clever branding and slogans.






The ambition they admired among their family growing up, to find the right product for each client, had become an adult playground for sales and marketing strategists. To miracle quick fixes and here today gone tomorrow throwaways, Codage prefers values that place their products to the center of a comprehensive and personalized process - the objective being not only beauty, but sustainable, long term health and well-being. Convinced that every skin is unique and deserves special treatment, Amandine and Julien imagine CODAGE.


Unique concept, CODAGE formulates and fashions in laboratory your very own care products adapted to your skin’ specific needs. CODAGE signs a return to the creation of custom-made products, with innovative active ingredients for efficient action at the heart of the cells.